Grains of Sand

February 26, 2009, 12:27 pm
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Ok – If anyone actualy reads this thing, I have severely neglected you. Sorry!  So, we’re doing 2 major updates in 2 entries…mostly because I’m in class at the moment so I can’t do too much. lol Anyhoo –

A couple weeks ago I was making photocopies for class with 3 classmates, and I checked my pigeon hole/mail box quickly to see if I had anything – and there it was. An envelope, and I could feel my passport inside – I said – “Britt! It’s here!” and we sat on the stairs of the main house and before opening it I just reaffirmed that no matter what was in the envelope, God is who He is and is unchanging and has a plan for me wherever this takes me….then opened it and there was a long letter – I thought it was approved but the language was so proper and all so I wasn’t sure until I opened my passport and saw my mugshot of a picture inside, in sticker form, with a residency permit! 😀


So many prayers and tears went into that – and it was quite the rollercoaster amidst it all – I am so thankful I have it now – it sucked to be an illegal alien.  So, yes, that’s that and part two of major updates is coming soon – sooner than this took to write!





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hi val,
just found this blog through your youtube as i was remembering the good times in derry. glad to know things in ni are going well. so excited for you. also so sorry to hear about your dad and uncle i believe it was. you and they are in my prayers.

Comment by Jillian

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