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Is it me?
February 8, 2009, 12:56 am
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So, I’m not sure if you all know, but I want to be famous when I grow up. lol I mean, what I want to do is travel and be a public speaker for girls and women around 12 years and older on things like self-esteem and who they are in Christ…but how the heck does one do that?

I’m not quite sure.

So, I’m in the process of a Theology degree…possibly followed by a Masters in Communication.

In the meantime, I have this passion inside of me that I don’t want to burn out – to slowly fizzle to an ember before being extinguished…but how do I nurture this besides the obvious answer of prayer and patience?

Well, I was so kindly being reminded of how much I’ve screwed up, even in the last 24 hours (thanks a lot, satan, you jerk) but instead of moping and feeling sorry for myself, although I did a little, I decided to flip it around – I need to get more serious. So God and I are going to travel around NI on the train tomorrow – just Him and I – and we are going to talk and major things are going to happen, not just tomorrow, not just in my own life, but for the future, mine and other’s. ah, ambitious thought eh? Well, God is bigger than that, bigger than my doubt – so I’m sure I’ll talk about it later.

Anyhoo – I was thinking about this and all of a sudden I thought – why can’t I start speaking where I’m at? Now? Here? Well, because there’s no where for me to do it.  I thought, surely you jest, there has to be something for Christian women in NI…but alas, I googled nothing.  We in NI have really failed in this department…I mean, there’s Summer Madness for the young people, many conferences in the mainland UK, probably mini retreat things for churches – but why isn’t there a conference for Christian women in Northern Ireland?!

That got the wheels turning.

Why the crap can’t I start one?

Soooo, this is why I’m blogging this – because I don’t know where to start! (One of the many reasons I’d love to get married – I have creative passionate ideas, but no idea how to channel them and do them and so I need someone who balances that out…but I digress. lol)

So, yes, where do I start? I don’t think it’s a crazy idea – I just don’t know how to do it. lol

I’ll probably write more tomorrow or sometime – but I’d love your thoughts – because all I have at the moment is a big dream…

Love you all!



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Don’t lose the dream, sweetie. Put it on your mental back burner and let your spirit and The Spirit work together while it percolates. When it’s time, you’ll see it. Love you tons. LLM

Comment by Mom

Hey Val, I have the exact same dream, as does Holly. Count us in to work with you on this one, we will so be in all the way! I have struggled with this dream of mine as well, knowing and believing God has given me the gift of speaking and yet waiting on His timing to give me the opportunity shall he find me worthy of speaking His words. I had more opportunities in NI than any other place, have you prayed for opportunities? I did there and they started popping up..I have forgotten to do this here! Let me know how the train ride went and how or if I can support you. Live the dream!

Comment by Ashley Jackson

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