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Something on the internet that is not about Jessica Simpson…
February 4, 2009, 12:33 pm
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…for now.

This is a really quick update on my life, then I’m sure the next one will be another quickie on good ole J.S….

Things have been very interesting this week – relationships have changed and I have been re-reminded how fallen and depraved we are as humans – I mean to apologize and forgive are two really hard things to do!  I know that we’re called to forgive and to love each other as we love ourselves – but it’s hard!

And to be honest, I can’t do it on my own – but thankfully, it’s with Jesus’ help that I can.

In my own human-ness, I find it, personally, easy to forgive, but I don’t easily forget – I hold it in my tight little fists, sometimes until I am forced to let go – I’m a lot better at this than I used to be but still…

The thing I find to happen so often is that Satan uses this against me, like oh so many other things – he in his slimy little ways, so generously reminds me of what each person has said about me, to me, or done to me…he likes to whisper into my ear things that I found out or heard first hand and make me feel that anger and hurt all over again…he sucks. seriously.

wow. this was supposed to be quick – sorry! Anyway, this is how I feel and what I’m dealing with – so I’m just going to leave it out here -I may come back to this at a later time, but Im dont for now.

Classes start this week. Still babysitting. Doing really well except for the obvious ranting above. lol Yeah. Im in class now and I think the teacher is getting suspicious, so I end here.



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