Grains of Sand

Here We Go Again…
January 4, 2009, 9:51 pm
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Well folks, this is is, we’re here at the crossroads, everything we’ve been praying about since before Halloween is about to culminate…I think….

Saturday I picked up my post at the Bible College – I use their address for my important things, because they’re more permanant of an address here than I have at the moment, anyhoo – I got the lovely – ‘we want money for your student loans’ papers – so i need to call those lovely people and say, ‘no, i give you no money – i be’s in school, still learning – and the proof is on its way to your office’ but that’s ok – and I got a note from the Royal Mail, saying that they tried to deliver something that needs to be signed for but no one was there (b/c classes are not in session so staff is on holiday), and it can be picked up in Belfast –

So, I am going tomorrow morning to pick up whatever it is that they have for me.  I’m pretty sure it’s my passport/visa, although that brings on varied emotions……I, of course, want it approved, and then I can go back to work, and get money again to pay bills and continue school and everything is hunky dory…but there’s also a chance that it’s denied…..

This means one of 2 things – well, if it’s denied, then I need to get out of the country asap, back to the States, that’s just the way it is, there’s nothing I can legally do about it.  However, here’s where the path divides again…if it is denied, I will go home, and reapply for a new student visa – it means I will be missing my exams, which sucks, but I can resit them in March, Praise the Lord that classes don’t start until February….As soon as I get home, I send off my visa application and hopefully that gets approved – and maybe my bro can fanagle me a job again whilst I wait, if not, if it’s not approved…..I don’t know.  I don’t know if I’ll continue my fight to stay in the UK or if I’ll just pack it up and finish my degree in the states. I don’t know…

I do know that whatever happens, is happening for a reason.  The Lord knows what I want to happen, but maybe it’s not His will, or in His timing – and that’s the hard part to understand or at least accept.  Soooo, hopefully, I remember this, and keep a prayerful mindset – because, no matter what, God is right alongside me, and…



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